Immigration Advice Bureau provides advice on establishing the legal and administrative structures necessary to comply with their obligations under the UK/Canada agreements, as well as advice on issues relating to dispute resolution. An important component of the Immigration Advice Bureau's activities are in-depth advice to individuals in government, in business, and in professional practice with respect to rules, procedures, and practices. Our advice consists consultations - especially those relating to compliance and law reform -  the services are being provided in the individual country, as well as the specific needs and challenges faced by that country in participating effectively in the rule-oriented trading system. 

Immigration Advice Bureau provides consultations on Canada/UK business structures and logistics to those that wish to expand their business to North America or to the UK. Our team of experts can advise on any pitfalls and simplify the complexity of the rules surrounding international trade agreements and the impact it has on the business. Immigration Advice Bureau's solutions range from start up's, SME's to multinational global organizations. Whereas the advice is needed in specific industry regarding legal compliance, HR, logistics, procurement, property related matters or financial issues we are able to help in both markets.