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Immigration Advice Bureau offers a personalized approach many large firms are unable to do. With the benefit of our extensive immigration and legal experience, we are able to understand your needs and advise on the prospects of success and potential pitfalls in pursuing application or a move to Canada. Working together, we will use our experience to find a solution that matches your needs wherever possible. Our diverse expertise comes from representing variety of clientele such as individual families, professional individuals, actors, TV and media networks, celebrities, politicians, Fortune 500 companies and their employees from ground to the C- level suite to start ups. 


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Nikole was my immigration advisor while I was in very complicated process of sorting out my visa situation in Canada. Her services got me to permanent Residency, even when we had problems with margin my employer with another company...I am becoming Citizen of Canada soon, which will never happen without Nikole's and Immigration Advice Bureau's help. ... ” 


—  Filip, Supervisor

Permanent Residence & Citizenship

Every year over 300,00 people effectively become Permanent Residents. The process of obtaining permanent residency is complex. It is also in a state of constant change due to different foreign policy initiatives and modifications to regulations. We at Immigration Advice Bureau strive to make this process enjoyable and seamless. 

We Can Help You With Individual and Business Applications:

  • Express Entry

  • Start-up Visa

  • Immigrant Investors

  • Self-Employed

  • Family Sponsorship

  • Provincial Nominee

  • Caregivers

  • Refugees / Protected Persons

  • Immigration Detentions

  • Immigration Removals

  • Border Escorts

  • Immigration Appeals

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases

  • Citizenship

Temporary Residence PERMITS


At Immigration Advice Bureau (IAB) we can work with you to explore your options to visit, study or work in Canada. Immigration Advice Bureau can assist with variety of applications no matter how complex they may seem. 

We Can Help You With Individual & Business Application:

  • Temporary Resident Permits

  • Visitor Visa

  • Work Permits

  • Study Permits

  • Extended stays.

  • Temporary Minister Permits

  • Border Escorts

  • Tribunal Representation and more



Immigration Advice Bureau's  established offices in Vancouver and Chilliwack have served clients from all around the world for the past 9 years. We continue to deliver our exceptional services and commitment to support individuals, families and business in a pursuit of moving to Canada. 

All our offices are open by appointments only. If you wish to book an appointment for our Canadian office please book below.

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Tel. 800.516.0422 / 604.229.2422

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Our offices are located in Vancouver and  Chilliwack,

British Columbia, CANADA 




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